KingILabash is a triple threat: song writer, artist, and dj.  As a song writer, this lyrical genius doesn’t follow a specific songwriting formula or focus on one particular message or vibe.  Instead, each song reflects a different experience within the greater context of King’s story.  As an artist, his signature is a well choreographed vocal style that features smooth reggae verses, infectious melodic hooks and intricate soulful harmonies.  The King brings his own technique and personality to the stage with lyrics that touch on a wide variety of subjects in which his listeners can relate. As a dj, for over twelve years, King has the ability to move the masses. He has played at countless premier events throughout the east coast.

The Past Is A Place In Time 
The Present And Future
Is Yours a And Mine 


Hailing from St. George’s, Grenada, KingiLabash, has worked hard over the years to achieve recognition in the music industry 

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